Atiku’s comment on alleged missing 23 soldiers unpatriotic – Middle Belt group



A Middle Belt group has condemned a former vice president, Atiku Abubakar, over comments he made on the 23 soldiers allegedly missing from an ambush by Boko Haram terrorists..

The Middle Belt Conscience Guard (MBCG) said said the comment by the former vice president was rather a mockery of the current administration.

Atiku reacting to reports of the allegedly missing soldiers had raised concerns over the ambush by the terrorists against the troops.


The former vice president said: “I’m concerned about the fate of scores of our soldiers declared missing following the ambush of their convoy by Boko Haram insurgents at Boboshe village in Bama LGA of Borno. I do hope and pray for their safe return.”

However, a statement by the national coordinator of the MBCG, Raymond Enero, said it is very unpatriotic of a former leader to jump into conclusion without making necessary findings.

Enero said Atiku’s recent outbursts about the nations show he’s out to destabilise the peace and tranquility of the nation.

He said: “We had to reach you through this open epistle to express our displeasure over your recent treacherous and unpatriotic activities to the Federation of Nigeria, which we believe are counter-productive and capable of undermining peace and security in the country.”


“This forum was stunned to the marrow to read your malicious, hazy and preposterous propaganda on the alleged missing and unaccounted 23 Nigerian soldiers, you claimed in a tweet disappeared when Boko Haram terrorists purportedly ambushed a military convoy at Boboshe village in Bama LGA of Borno State.

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Without any verifiable proof and basing your judgment from the proclivity of dissent serviced by a media report with anonymous attributions, you lent your voice to a fictitious story.

There is no doubt that your tweet, expressing a phony concern on the alleged attack and missing soldiers sought to legitimize an incident which never occurred anywhere.

This was after the Director of Army Public Relations (DAPR), Brig. Gen. Texas Chukwu denounced media reports alluding to alleged terrorists attack on a military convoy and missing soldiers, emphatically debunking that, “There was nothing like that. No ambush on soldiers.”

This group was disheartened to know of your excitement about the triumph of terrorism against your people and the nation. And this has been your consistent posture since you declared interest in the 2019 Presidency of Nigeria, as reflected in your vehement and callous attempts to discredit the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari on security.


It is quite unexpected from a supposed leader of your status, to engage in such plain subterfuge against your own country. It is more sad to consciously assist in the propagation of the triumph of terrorism and celebrating the enemies of the a country you once led and is still seeking its leadership,” the group added.

Meanwhile, Atiku has promised to fight corruption in Nigeria if elected president in 2019.

Atiku said also challenged those accusing him of being corrupt to provide evidence to back their claims against him.

He alleged that some of his political enemies were selling the idea that he is corrupt to Nigerians because they knew of his ambition of vying for the highest seat of power in the country.

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