Social media wasn’t created for begging – Uti blasts online beggars

There’s a down side to every good thing. With the invention of world wide web and by extension, social media, the world has indeed become a global village. While reaching out to millions in a second has become easy, some ills have escalated.

We have heard of the disturbing epidermic of cyber bullying. Lately, in Nigeria, begging has become a norm online. Instagram has created a different kind of world, where people appear perfect, content and to be living in abundance. For those who go by with very little, begging is the way they believe they can measure up in the area of lacking.

In a recent post shared by one-time Big Brother winner and media personality, Uti Nwachukwu, he expressed displeasure over being a possible victim of the beggars club. According to him, Instagram wasn’t created for begging and people should understand everyone has their needs and wants.

The seemingly livid young man called out people who assume celebrities or Instagram material wealth ‘flaunters’ own all the money in the world and are always ready to share them.


Read his post below:

Uti’s warning might put a stop to begging on his side but many other Nigerian celebrities have complained of such. While some have gone out of their way to help people who they believe genuinely need it, it is now common knowledge that scammers see this path as a gold mine and intense digging they get to once they target a victim.

There’s no text book solution to the apparent problem but if one shows too much material wealth on the gram, it’s only normal for humans to crave such excesses.

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Gucci gang today, 30 billion gang tomorrow, let’s quit the jokes, millions of people in Nigeria are hungry. They say, one day the poor will have nothing else to eat but the rich, gradually hands are reaching out, they either get filled or they start to attack. At this point, only time is the saviour!


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