Man linked with woman who reportedly jumped into Lagos lagoon arrested..



The Lagos state police have reportedly arrested the boyfriend of woman who was alleged to have parked her SUV and jumped off the third mainland bridge in an apparent suicide over allegations of infidelity.

Yaba Left reports that the wife who is a mother three children allegedly got involved with an older man in Nigeria and was swindled by this lover who collected over N10m from her.

The said lover in bid to prove his innocence to the police that everything that happened between them was consensual was also alleged to have published their nude pictures when the woman wanted to arrest him over the money he collected from her.

It was also reported that the woman had spoken out to deny rumour that he was dead as a result of the suicide.

Identified on social media as TKfashion-dallas-tx, Toyin shared photos of herself and revealed she is indeed alive.

Toyin also proclaimed that she will live long on earth and belongs to the living not the dead as many headlines have carried since the supposed incident of her ending her life.

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