250 Nigerians to return from Libya on Tuesday, December 5 – FG



Following the outrage of African slave trade in Libya, the federal government has said that an additional 250 Nigerians will be repatriated on Tuesday, December 5.

Speaking during a protest by the OurMumuDonDo group at the Headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affair in Abuja, the Charge d’Affairs in Tripoli, Iliya Fachano, said:

“The mission repatriates immigrant Nigerians weekly, tomorrow being December 5, 2017, 250 Nigerian migrant will arrive Lagos 7 pm.

“If it is not 7pm, it’s because the plane was delayed for one reason or the other,” Fachano said.


Fachano said the embassy in Libya visits detention camps in Tripoli where Nigerians – usually referred to as illegal migrants are detained by Libyan authorities.

He said: “They are not only Nigerians there, there are other nationalities like Ghanaian, Gambians; so the Nigerian embassy visits that place to identify its own people.

“When we identify them, we give them emergency travel certificate.”

He said the embassy gets information on these detentions through the International Organization for Migration (IOM).


“Then we go there, register them and give them emergency travel certificate, then schedule a date for their return,” he added.

Fachano said this exercise is carried out regularly to ensure that no citizen is left out.

He also added that after immigrants are scheduled for a flight their names contained in a manifest is sent to Nigeria.

“So far we have registered about 2,000 Nigerians now, the 250 will return tomorrow because no plane has the capacity to take all the detained at once. And all the detained people are not only Nigerians.

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“Migration is not an issue, it only becomes an issue if it is illegal.

“Our duty as government is to protect both Nigerians that run far on the law and those here in the country.


“Government is responsible for everybody, we don’t say because you’re detained by this person we won;t bring you back; even Nigerians, I’ll tell you without fear of anything detain themselves there and we take up the matter against Nigerians,” Fachano said.

He said once these Nigerians come back to the country, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) receive them returnees and ensure they are settled in Nigeria.

He also said that the embassy has been able to repatriate 3,000 Nigerians and would continue due to the situation in Libya.

It was earlier reported that some members of the OurMumuDonDo group protested at the headquarters of the finance ministry in Abuja.

The group during the protest urged the federal government to to set up an emergency meeting with the African Union and other international agencies to ensure an end to the slavery in Libya.

The group members led by ace musician and activist, Charles ‘Charly Boy’ Oputa were seen tied in chains and duct tapes to depict the sufferings of many Nigerians and Africans in Libya.




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