Meet the Millionaire Upcoming Artist signed by Igbo-Boy Ill-Bliss that's throwing money around Lagos



(WillieXO )
You always know when a new sheriff is in town, everything takes a whole new turn. Willie X.O is not your everyday music artist, he is refreshingly different. You wouldn’t be mistaking if you confused the giant hunk Willie X.O for the latest boxing sensation, Anthony Joshua. His difference though is not just about the looks.

(WillieXO )
The 6ft 6 giant was introduced to the scene by veteran Nigerian Hip-hop recording artist, CEO of the talent managing outfit known as ‘The Goretti Company’ responsible for launching the careers of Phyno and Chidinma among others.

Willie X.O is understood to have received major financial backing from a Dutch company who heard his music and fell head over heels. He has been in Nigeria for some weeks working with hit makers like Kriz beatz, Del’B, Suspect etc. After snooping around, we have managed to receive samples of his music and we must say his husky voice sounds so fresh and unique from what is currently on offer.

(WillieXO )
Upon arriving Nigeria, Willie X.O. has been visiting the poor in various hoods and is said to have given away millions – It was nothing but love as seen on his Instagram page.

He has since asked for suggestions on underserved communities to visit next. He has also vowed to pay tuition fees for five university students. Visit his Instagram page if you are an A student.

The hunk has been visiting deprived areas in Lagos sharing money to the poor. According to Willie X.O., he made a pact with himself that whenever he makes it, he will always help the poor, give back to the community and he’s definitely fulfilling that very promise.

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(WillieXO )
Speaking to his UK based day to day manager C-ROC who accompanied him to Nigeria, he told Voice of Ndigbo Willie X.O is a down to earth gentle giant, with a unique voice. “He’s been making music for sometime now but made massive breakthrough after landing major financial backing through an unexpected deal that came through last month. ”

“Willie’s currently in Lagos working with some top producers and hopefully by God’s grace we can churn out some nice tracks soon.” the manager revealed.

This is quite inspiring and a kind of fresh air from an industry that seems to only know to take from the fans. Here is to more like this gentleman.

Drop Willie a support message on Instagram @theWillie.XO .


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