10 crazy things about Flavour that will rob sleep off your eyes and keep you dancing to his tunes…


In celebrating the singer that has brought smiles to our faces, VON points out Flavour’s strong points in 10 things that stand Flavour out of the crowd.


1. Unlike most of his contemporaries, Flavour is not only a singer, he is also a musician as he sings, composes and plays many musical instruments. He conveniently plays the drums, guitar, piano among other musical instruments.

2. His style of music is unique. Flavour plays highlife music which many saw as at the time he was coming out as going into extinction. Highlife music had been left for the old musicians until Flavour revived it.

3. Flavour has sexy physique that stands him out among his contemporaries. So proud of his body is Flavour that he flaunts it. Flavour is known to leave his shirts half buttoned so he can show off his muscled and well-toned chest. On stage, Flavour often goes topless.

4.Flavour has a lot of responsibility on him as the first son of his large family. he has four siblings and seven step siblings.


5. Flavour is in love with colour black. Check out his shirts, there is most times a touch of black in it or plain black.

6. Flavour has an eye for beauty queens. He is alleged to have two daughters from two beauty queens within the spate of one year.

7. Flavour’s hairstyle is one unique style of his that has no equal. For him, his dreads come in from the middle of his head while the remaining half of his head is nicely cut.

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8. Flavour has five dogs that he is so fond of. So fond of his dogs that he plays the guitar and sings for them. I can tell you they are the first to listen to his new songs even before you. His dogs are named 2Pac, Miley, Major Bangs, Jay Z and Nikki.

9. Flavour is a multiple brand ambassador for many products among them Glo, Onga seasoning and Harp larger beer.

10. His hit songs include N’abania, Ngwa Baby, Ada Ada, Onyi remix featuring Tiwa savage.


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